Friday, 14 December 2018

Special Visitor!

Today we had a special visitor to our building and the children were very excited!

We had gifts from Secret Santa

We had a great party with our friends from RG with lots of yummy food from parents and dancing games afterwards. Thank you!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Friday, 16 November 2018


We have had such fun the last few weeks studying Space. We made a rocket for our classroom, and lots of space crafts including clay aliens and rockets made from junk materials. We had a secret message from an alien and enjoyed writing secret messages to our friends using wax candles and 'magic' ink. 

During free flow activities we did jumping on the moon, we measured how high we could jump and then a teacher times that number by 6 to determine how high we can jump on the moon. We also tried walking on buckets to simulate how it might feel walking in a space suit with big heavy boots! We played writing and drawing upside down to appreciate what it must be like floating around in a space rocket.

We had lots of opportunity to take part in sensory play with sparkly moon dust and glittery moon dough to help us with our spelling and recognition of tricky words.