Saturday, 6 April 2019

Sale for Charity

The last two weeks we have been talking about recycling and how it can help our environment. We made bird feeders from plastic milk containers and a beautiful flower display from plastic water bottles. We collected tiny bits of old crayons and recycled them into new ones. We have also been discussing about charities in Thailand and how we can help to raise money. This week we had a small sale of our crafts to our parents and between the two Reception classes we made over 5,000 baht just from recycled materials. We all brought a toy we had finished playing with to sell to our friends too. We will decide which charities we will give to after the Songkran holiday.

Trip to the Park

The children all enjoyed our field trip to a local park this week. We went on a scavenger hunt using our investigation skills to find many different things. The children worked in teams taking turns to tick off the items as they found them. We saw lots of insects, birds, and plants, and Mrs McDonald came across a huge monitor lizard on the water bank! Unfortunately she scared it away into the water.

We ended the trip with a mini picnic and fed the fish before heading back to school before it got too hot!